Monday, 19 January 2015

It's Drafty, so I'm getting Crafty

Growing up in drafty houses meant that we always had door snakes or draft stoppers by our exterior doors.  They were pretty standard fair.  Long tubes filled with fabric and placed in front of the door to stop the winter chill. 

We've lived in our current home now for quite some time and every winter I say I'm going to make a door snake and never do.  So, we resort to the ever so attractive towel placed in front of the door.  An effective lazy woman's hack.
But no more ... I spent a few hours designing my new and improved draft stopper.  I didn't want to make a snake because then my Ophidiophobic friends would not be able to visit. 

So I made a log.  A door log.  The design was inspired by the Yule Log I make every year.  Instead of being filled with butter cream icing, it has an inner tube filled with popcorn while the rest is stuffed with wool sweater cuttings. 

When I showed it to my children, they thought it was rather plain and boring, so they suggested that I make a couple of creatures to live on the log.  A ladybug 
felt ladybug, diy ladybug toy

And a inch worm.
felt inchworm, diy inchworm,

And, now, my house is warm and my front door looks lovely!

draft stopper, door snake, DIY door snake

Don't you love the vintage purse I found?

If you want to make one of these yourself, search for "DIY Door Snakes", you will find all sorts of sites with instructions.  Hope you are keeping warm.