Friday, 31 January 2014

Good Bye Red Head Beach House

One of our favourite vacation rentals has been sold!  
To someone who actually wants to live in it!  
How terrible!

Good by Red Head Beach House.  
Thanks for all the memories.

Hmmm ...
Maybe if we are nice to the new owners, they will invite us over. 

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Snowy Winter

When the blog is quiet, life is busy.

We have had an extraordinarily snowy December and January.  Its been a winter wonderland for all those who like winter weather and a snowy hell for all those who don't.  
I haven't see this much snow since 2004.
Thank goodness we have a snow blower!
 The Arctic Vortex came for a visit and delivered bone chilling temperatures of -23C.  
We stayed in those days.
On warmer days, we subscribed to the attitude "if you can't beat it join it".  
So we did...
building a snowman
Snow shoeing - don't I look sporty?
Even the most ardent winter haters have to admit it is pretty!
Icy harbour

Sunset over the harbour
 Here is a little something I worked on before Christmas -
Cardinal Ornaments for friends and family
 Happy New Year.

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