Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Signs of Spring

Spring is on its way.    Really it is.  

Although yesterday's weather felt like Mother Nature's April Fools joke.  
Freezing rain and NO SCHOOL. 
Again ... for the 10th time this winter! 

Walking through the garden this morning, I noticed these early signs of spring.
Snowdrops - my favourite flower.   I just love these hardy harbingers of Spring.
Crocuses and Irises are starting to poke their heads up.  
It makes me want to go outside and do some yard work.
Raking here I come!

I love seeing all these Spring bulbs and buds on the trees, but the very BEST sign that Spring is on its way is the beautiful Florence has arisen from her winter sleep.  
Welcome back Flo.  Can't wait to take you out girl!