Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Hurricane Arthur

Hurricane Arthur paid us a visit over the weekend.  
By the time it arrived, it had been downgraded to a Tropical Storm.  
But what a storm!  It sure packed a punch.  
There were some pretty hairy gusts with wind speeds of 140 km.   
We lost 4 or 5 really large branches from our maple trees.  
There are branches, sticks and leaves all over the lawn.
I took the boys out for a drive around town to see how the rest of the town had faired.  
Shelburne is a town with a lot of old trees. 
There was a lot of damage throughout the town. 
This huge Ash came crashing down, just missing a friends house.
What helpful kids, clearing branches off the roads.
Our power was out for 24 hours.  
Phone service went down, except for emergency calls.  
My service provider did not think the calls I have to make were emergencies.  
That was a bit of a problem, because I was waiting for some guests to arrive and I needed to let them know that there is no power or water at their cottages. 
We were lucky, there are still people with no power 5 days later.
Our "Talking Tree" lost 2 huge branches.

Have you ever noticed that when the power is out, all you want to do is things that require power?  “I think I’ll do some laundry”, oops no I can’t. “ I need to check my email”.  Oh No! can’t.   After spending a few minutes running through my list of things I could not do, I thought of something I could do …  Paint.

So, I spent a very peaceful hour or two finishing a painting.  
Here is it.  
I think the background still needs work.  

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lockeport Celebrates Canada Day

The seaside community of Lockeport comes alive on Canada Day.  
 Folks from all the local communities gather to celebrate Canada's birthday. 
 Events include variety shows, concerts, parades, pet shows and dances.  
The ladies of the Anglican Church serve a Strawberry Shortcake Tea 
that is supposed to be divine.  I'll have to test that out.  
Also on the schedule is a pie eating contest, a seniors social, 
Duct Tape Boat races and a greased pole.  
I'm intrigued by the Greased Pole event.  
Contestants have to travel along a greased pole over water 
and retrieve a $100 bill at the other end.  
Its an event that requires skill, determination and audacity.
This picture was borrowed from the Coast Guard Newspaper article.  
I hope they don't mind.  My pictures did not turn out as well.  

So, if you find yourself on the South Shore on Canada Day, 
head over to Lockeport and join in the fun.

See you there! 
Happy Canada Day