Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lockeport Celebrates Canada Day

The seaside community of Lockeport comes alive on Canada Day.  
 Folks from all the local communities gather to celebrate Canada's birthday. 
 Events include variety shows, concerts, parades, pet shows and dances.  
The ladies of the Anglican Church serve a Strawberry Shortcake Tea 
that is supposed to be divine.  I'll have to test that out.  
Also on the schedule is a pie eating contest, a seniors social, 
Duct Tape Boat races and a greased pole.  
I'm intrigued by the Greased Pole event.  
Contestants have to travel along a greased pole over water 
and retrieve a $100 bill at the other end.  
Its an event that requires skill, determination and audacity.
This picture was borrowed from the Coast Guard Newspaper article.  
I hope they don't mind.  My pictures did not turn out as well.  

So, if you find yourself on the South Shore on Canada Day, 
head over to Lockeport and join in the fun.

See you there! 
Happy Canada Day

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