Saturday, 15 March 2014

Come on Spring

The 15th - The Ides of March - the 2058th anniversary of the death of Julius Caesar.  
We are half way through the month and only 5 days to the start of Spring. 
  It's raining and there are still patches of snow on the ground.  
Winter is dragging on.

This winter has been the coldest, snowiest, longest for many a year.  
I have now lived here for 14 years and with the exception of 2004, 
this has been the only winter where we had enough snow 
to enjoy some winter activities.

We played in the snow, went snow shoeing, skated.  
We thought about going skiing, but didn't. 
All fun, but I'm done with it now.

I want to go to the Canada Blooms Show in Toronto.
Breathe in the heady smell of spring blossoms. 
It is happening this weekend.  
By the time the Canada Blooms Show arrives, I am so desperate to smell Spring.
 I lurk around the displays shamelessly stuffing my nose into daffodils, 
running my fingers along beds of moss, 
wishing Spring would hurry up and arrive.

I WANT Spring to arrive.  
I NEED Spring to arrive.
I want to look outside and see buds on the trees, snowdrops, 
greenery poking up through the soil.  

here is a little tease ...


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