Monday, 20 January 2014

Snowy Winter

When the blog is quiet, life is busy.

We have had an extraordinarily snowy December and January.  Its been a winter wonderland for all those who like winter weather and a snowy hell for all those who don't.  
I haven't see this much snow since 2004.
Thank goodness we have a snow blower!
 The Arctic Vortex came for a visit and delivered bone chilling temperatures of -23C.  
We stayed in those days.
On warmer days, we subscribed to the attitude "if you can't beat it join it".  
So we did...
building a snowman
Snow shoeing - don't I look sporty?
Even the most ardent winter haters have to admit it is pretty!
Icy harbour

Sunset over the harbour
 Here is a little something I worked on before Christmas -
Cardinal Ornaments for friends and family
 Happy New Year.

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