Monday, 18 November 2013

Some Like it HOT

Hot Sauce, Habenaro Hot Peppers
Ripe Hot Peppers Ready for Harvest

One of our more successful gardening endeavours was to grow habanero peppers.  The reason why the plants have done so well is simply because my husband LOVES hot and spicy foods.  If he could drink hot sauce, he would – in fact, he has!

So, for the past two years he has nurtured our two habanero pepper plants.  This fall all that love and affection paid off with a bumper crop of peppers.  

Picking Peppers
What do you do with 100 habanero peppers you might ask?   

Well, if you are my husband, you make gallons of hot sauce.  He browsed around on the internet checking out hot sauce recipes and eventually decided to give Bob’s Hot Sauce Recipe a try.  I cannot take any credit for the production as I was out at the time.  But, he did enlist the help of our children.   
First they picked the peppers.

Hot Peppers, Habenaro Hot Sauce Recipe
Harvesting the Peppers
Then they gathered the rest of the ingredients.
The Ingredients
Notice how they are wearing gloves.  Rubbing your eyes or other sensitive body parts with hot pepper fingers is not nice!   
Measuring the Mustard
This is a no cook recipe, so all they had to do was blend it together.  

Ready for blending
Once the hot sauce was finished, it was bottled in sterilized beer bottles.  A fitting vessel if you knew my husband.

Bottled in Boxing Rock Beer Bottles

There were enough peppers to make FIVE GALLONS of hot sauce!

It is a good thing I like hot sauce.  Not quite as much as my husband – I certainly won’t be drinking it from the bottle!  

We had it with dinner and it really is delicious.  The peaches add a sweetness, which is followed by the heat of the habanero with an after taste of pepper.  It really is flavourful. 

I think a few lucky friends may get some of this for Christmas - if there is any left!
Habenaro Hot Peppers
Go On ... I Dare You!

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