Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Thanksgiving Nova Scotia Style

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you had a good one.

Living in Nova Scotia means that we are miles away from family, so for us Thanksgiving is more of a friends celebration.    This year we had three Thanksgiving dinners, with three different sets of friends.  It was well planned and we only had turkey once.  Three turkey dinners would be too much of a good thing!

On Sunday afternoon we hopped in Florence and headed out to one of the cottages we manage:  Red Head Beach House.

Nova Scotia Beach House, Red Head Beach House

This is one of my favourite houses.  We have spent the last 3 Thanksgiving weekends at this cottage and every year the weather has been perfect.  It is so peaceful.  Miles away from everyone, overlooking a fresh water lake with ocean surf cresting in the distance.  I instantly relax the moment I walk in the door.   We had some friends join us for the evening.  The kids entertained themselves downstairs with the fuse ball and sauna, while we adults chatted around the dining room table.  I am always struck by how quiet and DARK it is.   The stars are amazing.

Red Head Beach is one of those undiscovered beaches.  It is not easy to get to, so it almost always completely deserted.  Late in the afternoon, I went for a walk with Sam and my friends' daughter.  We found some very interesting treasures washed up on the beach:  a dead fish and a couple of onions.

The light had a warm glow.  I took a couple of photos for my photography class.
Nova Scotia Beach
Red Head Beach

Nova Scotia Beach,  waves

I always sleep really well at the cottage.  It is really quiet and DARK.   The stars are amazing.   The following morning we woke up to a calm day.  A mist hung over the lake.  So pretty.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous!   Before heading home on Monday,  we went for another walk on the beach, this time the whole gang came along.  

Red Head Beach house is in the distance. This photo was taken with my phone.  You can really see the difference.

Nova Scotia Cranberries

Don't tell anyone, there are wild cranberries grown close by.  We picked enough to make cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner.  Yum!  

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