Monday, 7 October 2013

Meet Florence ...

Meet Florence Rose, our beautiful 1966 Plymouth Fury.   

1966 Plymouth Fury, Classic Car

We purchased her on a whim in 2011.  We were chatting one night,  lamenting the loss of our original Fury who was sadly smashed by an airline bus in Toronto.  As we started scrolling through the online car trader for similar models, Florence jumped right out at us.  We hummed and we hared and then we finally succumbed to her straight lines, sparkling chrome and killer style.  With only 45,000 miles on her, she had been around, but had many more miles in her.

She is quite the Lady: original paint, chrome interior, burgundy seats, lap belts and a V8 under the hood. She is a treat to drive, charging down the road attracting appreciative nods from people who remember her from her heyday.   It is impossible for her to go by unnoticed.  All that sparkling chrome, and chest pounding base, she always "makes an entrance"

It is like taking your living room for a ride.  Over six feet wide, and 17 feet long, we could sleep in her if we had to.  She is our summer time chariot of choice.

I hope you'll hitch a ride and come along as we cruise our way through Nova Scotia.



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