Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fall is in the Air

Hasn't the summer flown by quickly!

To mark the start of Fall, we spent the day working in the garden.  This year we grew a really good crop of weeds in our vegetable garden.   It was sad to see the beautiful raised beds we had so eagerly built a year ago overgrown with grasses and clover.  So ... we spent a few hours weeding, turning the soil and generally getting the garden ready for a fall planting of garlic bulbs.  

Nova Scotia Gardening Garlic planting
Planting Garlic

 We are trying three different varieties.  One I bought from a lady in Pubnico on Saturday at the Mile Long Yard Sale; another from Uncle Sid's and the third from another local gardener. 

Nova Scotia Garlic
Ready for Planting
Don't they look nice all planted in a row.

Now all we have to do is  w a i t.

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